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Controlled substance hallucinogen U. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 Part In modern times there has been a reduction of ritual. The ceremonies, that previously served to cast out an individual from modern associations and throw him into a field of epiphanies, have become merely form, betraying the inner forces that must somehow manifest.

Shamen know of these inner forces. They understand the inevitable overwhelming psychological experience that everyone will face if they are to complete their inward path to open the unconscious and fall in. The psychological crisis is the fulcrum of any metaphysical realization the individual may have about himself or his world. Without these intense experiences, without the rituals that convey the message of the journey, and without shamen to show the way, many are lost in the world searching constantly farther for what is contained only within.

To chemically force such spiritual breakthrough may be interpreted by some as a way to circumvent the trials that are necessary to test each soul willing to see the truth of their life. But in contemporary society where is the individual to seek these tests of the self or to be struck silent in awe of their own natural beauty or that of the universe? The shamen offered these opportunities to the individuals of their society for generations, helping people maintain a healthy psychology between the known world and the mystical.

I now offer this ability to you in one of many forms, DMT. DMT is perhaps the most powerful hallucinogen known to man.

It is related to LSD and psilocybin. There are no drug tests that would show DMT usage. DMT is naturally formed in the body and has been found in abnormal levels in the body fluids of persons suffering from schizophrenia. DMT is almost never sold through dealers, rarely synthesized, and seldom used.

It is, however, easily extracted from common plant materials and has been used in various forms for hundreds of years timeline. DMT is not a "social drug" however. Respect the drug and its incredible potential. This drug is not for the inexperienced, nor is it recommended to those who are just looking for another "high. Even avid psychedelic users have had frightening experiences with DMT on their first encounter with the drug.

Take care to research and find out if DMT is for you.

dmt clear goo

I stress that educating yourself about this drug and about all drugs you intend to use will make you a more competent and prepared chemist, tripper, and guide. This manual is presented as a quick bench guide for the complete novice on how to extract DMT. Although the text and illustrations for the process were all created by myself, there are a few pictures which are not my own.

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The origins of these pictures are credited in the bibliography. I would like to encourage others to add to this manual their own written observations. When attempting to produce any of these products the reader is encouraged to read through the steps several times to closely familiarize himself with the entire process.

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Please take note that DMT is an illegal substance in the United States of America and is controlled under federal regulations. The following is for educational purposes only. First a plant must be selected that contains the chemicals we wish to extract.

None of these plants are illegal and they can be found growing wild and free all over the world much less can be said for some of our other favorite plants.

Most of these plant materials can be ordered through the internet.

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A little research may reveal a large quantity of some useful plant material growing near you.The general purpose of recrystallization is to crystallize the product in a fresh solvent after it has already been isolated from the extraction solvent, likely containing a considerable amount of impurities. In this technique, an impure solid compound is dissolved in a solvent and then allowed to slowly crystallize out as the solution cools.

Often this process results in more well-formed crystals with less discoloration. The advantage of this method of purification is that the solvent choice for recrystallization may be different and more suitable than that chosen for extraction.

Crystallization of a solid relies on slow, selective formation of the crystal lattice and is quite different from precipitation. In freeze precipitationthere is a rapid formation of a solid from a solution that causes impurities to be trapped within the solid's crystal framework. For this reason, extractions that rely on precipitation or evaporation to produce a solid product always include a final recrystallization step to give the pure compound. The process of recrystallization relies on the property that for most compounds, as the temperature of a solvent increases, the solubility of the compound in that solvent also increases.

For example, much more sugar can be dissolved in very hot water just below boiling than in water at room temperature. Inversely, if a hot saturated solution of sugar and water is allowed to cool, sugar will begin to crystallize out of solution as solubility decreases.

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Recrystallization will give your product a more sharply defined, uniform melting point and in the case of DMT allow for hard non-waxy crystals. The first consideration in purifying a solid by recrystallization is to find a suitable solvent. A good recrystallization solvent should fit the following criteria:. The compound should be very soluble at the boiling point of the solvent and only sparingly soluble in the solvent at room temperature.

A good recrystallization solvent for DMT is heptane. DMT is not very soluble in it at room temperature but quite soluble as we add heat. Most common spice impurities, however, are not very soluble in it at all and can thus be separated via simple decanting. Add heated solvent dropwise into the beaker containing the extract.

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The heptane will go cloudy almost immediately and take on a yellow color as the DMT goes into solution. Keep adding heated solvent until further addition or agitation causes no more DMT to dissolve.

Your beaker should now contain yellowish-tinged heptane with an orange-brown blob of oil and undissolved solids at the bottom of the vessel. Carefully decant the solution into another beaker, careful to leave the impurities behind. Repeat dropwise addition of heated solvent and decantation to ensure no DMT is left behind.

Now that we have dealt with insoluble impurities, our solution is see-through but tinged yellow. This discoloration is due to the presence of high-molecular-weight reaction by-products which may have been formed during the extraction process.

DMT Crystals

A simple wash with activated carbon will get rid of decolorizing compounds. Activated carbon is extremely efficient at absorbing impurities due to its large surface area. Add excess solvent and activated carbonand boil the solution for a few minutes.

The colored impurities will adsorb onto the surface of activated charcoal. Remove the charcoal with absorbed impurities by filtration. Your solvent should now be almost clear.

If the yellow color persists, repeat the charcoal wash carefully. Note: Very little activated carbon is needed to remove the colored impurities from a solution.It cures Clear Cure Goo hard in seconds, preventing cracking, chipping and yellowing. Includes lanyard for hanging.

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dmt clear goo

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If you're interested here are the Nexus threads about it. It's mostly what is written elsewhere, so I wouldn't want to start a new thread about it but on the other hand don't want to hold it back. So here is a short put together how I extract and re-crystallize: - Cook not boil-NO bubbles the Mimosa not more than grs!

Will take a day to do, you're in NO hurry, just take the time, the Ayahuasca brew is cooked even over night. Cook the combined ml down or use it as is in a larger jar. I advise to cook it down to ml, thats way enough liquid to handle! But be sure to shake before starting the pulling. Use pure light naphta.

Depends on the mass of liquid how much it is. It will have divided by then. Let the white fluffy crystals dry for a few hours. Then you have in my experience everything out of the bark. Pure white together and every other pulling which is yellow or even slightly yellow on a different pile. Re-x: - Pour 50mlml naphta into a bowl and heat it from below in a water bath. Just mix through that a few times to be sure to get the dmt out of it, but DON'T try to mix it in the naphta- this is the goo wax, fat, DMToxide you want to get rid of!

If there still is some, use another little bowl. Pour in the last, the white stuff you got out 1st and maybe 2nd pulling.

There will be beautiful crystals forming after hours while the Naphta slowly evaps through the foil pores. Let the crystals dry a few hours before carefully they break easily scraping them.

More info: - It's best to cook the bark that long to get anything out of the bark. Though according to others its safe to heat DMT up to degrees, I found that higher than 40 degrees celsius it begins to oxidate too much!

They are floating freely around in the liquid hours after basification. The final 24hrs pull gets the very last only very few DMT out.DMT is a naturally occuring substance, present in trace amounts in normal human metabolism and its purpouse is still relatively unknown, check question 2.

It can also be taken orally, but we have an enzyme MAO in our stomach that destroys dmt if taken orally, so for taking orally DMT must be acompanied by a substance that inhibits this enzyme MAOI, or MAO Inhibitorwhich is also present in some other plants. DMT can be in salt form or in freebase form. A salt form means the DMT is attached to an acid molecule.

DMT is naturally in salt form in the plants because of plant acids for example dmt tannate or oxalate due to tannic or oxalic acid being present in some plants. When people extract DMT, they can make it in freebase form to smoke, because DMT in salt form can't be smoked, it has high boiling point and breaks down instead of vaporizing efficiently. Some salt forms like DMT fumarate can even be toxic to smoke due to creation of maleic anhydride during combustion.

Appart from being naturally in brews made of DMT containing plants like ayahuasca, DMT can also be made into salt for, for example DMT fumarate, when people extract it, because DMT fumarate is stable and can be stored for long, and it can be taken orally or intranasally. Check this for more info.

dmt clear goo

Regarding dosages in different salt forms, one can read this thread. There are other molecules which have the DMT structure built into them but they are not DMT, they have structural modifications, for example 4-HO-DMT also known as psilocin and 4-PO-DMT, psilocybin, the active compounds in mushrooms, which are different molecules altogether with their own particular effects.

Small modifications in molecules can completely change effects. Each of them has different effects, pharmacology, etc etc. This has been discussed very thoroughly already in the DMT Nexus. If you are interested in this topic, instead of opening a new thread, please check the following links:. At this point there is no evidence to support the claim that DMT is produced in the pineal or brain. It is a speculation raised by Dr Rick Strassman due to his previous interest in the pineal.

So far in humans, the key enzymes necessary for this have not been found present in the human braintherefore it seem more likely it is produced elsewhere in the body, though some recent research has shown in primates these enzymes are present in pineal gland.

In any case nothing is really proven yet so we must avoid making claims before more data comes in. The supposed connection of DMT and dreams, and the idea that DMT is released when we die, both are speculation with no real evidence to back them up. It IS proven, though, for decades already, that DMT is produced in the human body and is present at all times in trace amounts.

The reason why it is there is still a matter of debate, and some scientists have proposed a few ideas with some evidence to back them up, all of which are mentioned in the last link below:. Research has been conducted that indicates the relative safety of DMT. It does not cause physical damage, addiction, and any tolerance disappears very quickly.

Ayahuasca, the DMT-containing brew from the Amazon, has been studied by multidisciplinary groups in Brazil and other countries. There is yet little research into vaporized dmt, but there seems to be no sign that it is in any way more dangerous physically than other administration forms. There are no reported deaths from smoking DMT.When you use a browser, like Chrome, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites.

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dmt clear goo

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