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Radioactive infected ground at industrial sites. Large-scale soil erosion because surface soil washes away due to influencing water tides and winds streams.

Intensive plowing and draining of farm land. Planting of genetically singular crops in combination with applying too much fertilizers and pesticides. Abnormal huge irrigation systems in farming: a. Salination of the ground, ground water, and creeks and wells. Excessive withdrawal of ground water reserves. Surface and underground mining for gas, oil and minerals devastate land and oceans and mutilates our world. It causes every growing desolate and desert spots.

Deforestation — the rainforests in Latin America are the obvious victims — you not need grown-up persuasive communication skills to bring this to reason. Including their biodiverisity of forest animals. Radioactive materials are — without exception I would state — firm persuasive environmental speech topics and essay discourse themes for students. The final storage and disposal, to protect future generations from potential threats.

There are three levels of contamination: a. The low level waste: 1. Nuclear reactor complexes, and also hospitals and research departments of industrial corporations produce low level waste. It is considered as hazardous during at least thirty years and have to be isolated for three to five-hundred years from now.

The intermediate level waste: 1. Heavier toxic materials from nuclear power plants constrained with the obligation to secure it in concrete. Solid and semi-solid organic substances, chemical sediment from metal bonding processes.The media, public, and scientific communities are focusing more than ever on the top 30 environmental concerns the Earth is currently facing.

Many of the concerns are interconnected, following the web of life. As increasing evidence supports the devastating effect humans have on the environment, more people are taking steps to protect the environment and educate others.

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Biodiversity encompasses every living organism on the planet. The various concerns for pollution, endangered species as well as the increase in species extinction and different types of pollution, make biodiversity the number one environmental concerns. Based on the increased rate of species extinction, some scientist have stated the earth is in the throes of the sixth extensionthe fifth having been when the dinosaurs disappeared. A survey conducted by National Geographic Society and Ipsos market research of 12, people around the world revealed the majority believe half of the Earth should be dedicated to the protection of the land and sea.

The Environmental Protection Agency EPA has set standards to ensure quality of drinking water to protect public health by limiting levels of various contaminants like microorganisms, disinfectants and their byproducts, inorganic compounds, organic compounds and radionuclides. In FebruaryPR Newswire reported a national survey conducted by Bluewater technology company, revealed one-third of Americans had water contamination issues over the past two years. Most drinking water has some type of contaminates.

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You can look up the quality of your drinking water by using the zipcode lookup on the EWG Environmental Working Group website. General worry over water pollution and associated environmental issues greatly concerns more than half of all Americans who participated in the poll. Many water sources like streams, rivers and oceans are getting polluted. Related issues include acid rainnutrient pollutionocean dumping, urban runoff, oil spills, ocean acidification, and wastewater.

In the U. Globally, "certain food-borne disease outbreaks" are linked to water pollution. Concerns over air pollution have remained steady over the last decade, with more than 40 percent of Americans worried about indoor and outdoor air quality, carbon emissions, and pollutants like particulate matter, sulfur oxides, volatile organic compounds, radon and refrigerants.

According to a World Health Organization WHO report9 out of 10 people are breathing air that has high levels of pollutants. WHO reports 4. The State of Global Air reports air pollution is number five worldwide for the leading mortality risk factor. The largest worldwide risk factor is fine particle air pollution.

Yet among tropical forests the area of rainforests cleared is the maximum, and most of it is export driven. Insummer fires that ravaged the Brazilian Amazon and set the world ablaze with outcries.

This includes tropospheric ozone depletion caused by CFCs chlorofluorocarbons. Increases in levels of emissions of greenhouse gases NASA records that temperatures are 1.This is an alphabetical list of environmental issuesharmful aspects of human activity on the biophysical environment.

They are loosely divided into causes, effects and mitigation, noting that effects are interconnected and can cause new effects. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Human impact on the environment. Environmental issues list of issues Human impact on marine life Impact assessment Planetary boundaries.

Agriculture irrigation meat production cocoa production palm oil Energy industry biofuels biodiesel coal nuclear power oil shale petroleum reservoirs Genetic pollution Industrialisation Land use Manufacturing cleaning agents concrete plastics nanotechnology paint paper pesticides pharmaceuticals and personal care Marine life fishing fishing down the food web marine pollution overfishing Mining Overdrafting Overexploitation Overgrazing Overpopulation Particulates Pollution Quarrying Reservoirs Tourism Transport aviation roads shipping Urbanization urban sprawl War.

Biodiversity threats biodiversity loss decline in amphibian populations decline in insect populations Climate change global warming runaway climate change Coral reefs Deforestation Defaunation Desertification Ecocide Erosion Environmental degradation Freshwater cycle Habitat destruction Holocene extinction Nitrogen cycle Land degradation Land consumption Land surface effects on climate Loss of green belts Phosphorus cycle Ocean acidification Ozone depletion Resource depletion Water degradation Water scarcity.

Birth control Cleaner production Climate change mitigation Climate engineering Community resilience Decoupling Ecological engineering Environmental engineering Environmental mitigation Industrial ecology Mitigation banking Organic farming Reforestation urban Restoration ecology Sustainable consumption Waste minimization.

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104 Environmental Speech Topics [Persuasive, Informative]

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.The natural environment commonly referred to simply as the environmentis all living and non-living things that occur naturally on Earth or some part of it e.

This includes complete ecological units that function as natural systems without massive human intervention, including all vegetationanimals, microorganisms, rocks, atmosphere and natural phenomena that occur within their boundaries.

list of environment topics

And it includes universal natural resources and physical phenomena that lack clear-cut boundaries, such as air, water, and climate, as well as energyradiationelectric chargeand magnetismnot originating from human activity.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. List of environmental disasters List of environmental incidents in the fossil fuel industry in Australia List of gold mining disasters List of man-made disasters List of man-made mass chronic poisoning incidents List of nuclear and radiation accidents by country List of oil spills List of pipeline accidents List of pipeline accidents in the United States List of pipeline accidents in the United States before List of pipeline accidents in the United States — List of pipeline accidents in the United States — List of pipeline accidents in the United States — List of pipeline accidents in the United States in the 21st century List of power outages List of tornado-related deaths at schools List of tornadoes causing or more deaths Lists of nuclear disasters and radioactive incidents.

Criteria air contaminants Flue-gas emissions from fossil-fuel combustion Motor vehicle emissions Wildland fire emission. Heroes of the Environment Heroes of the Environment Heroes of the Environment List of American non-fiction environmental writers List of anti-nuclear advocates in Germany List of anti-nuclear advocates in the United States List of authors of Climate Change The Physical Science Basis List of climate scientists List of conservationists List of environmental killings List of environmental engineers List of environmental lawyers List of environmental philosophers List of ministers of climate change List of Ministers of Natural Environment of Brazil List of ministers of the environment List of non-fiction environmental writers List of people that have expressed views relating to overpopulation as a problem List of pro-nuclear environmentalists List of scientists opposing the mainstream scientific assessment of global warming.

List of coal power stations List of conventional hydroelectric power stations List of fuel oil power stations List of geothermal power stations List of largest hydroelectric power stations List of largest power stations in the United States List of largest power stations in the world List of least carbon efficient power stations List of natural gas power stations List of nuclear power stations List of nuclear reactors List of offshore wind farms List of onshore wind farms List of photovoltaic power stations List of pumped-storage hydroelectric power stations List of run-of-the-river hydroelectric power stations List of solar thermal power stations List of tidal power stations List of wave power stations Lists of offshore wind farms by country Lists of offshore wind farms by water area Lists of wind farms by country.

Main article: Lists of environmental publications. List of Australian environmental books List of books about coal mining List of books about energy issues List of books about nuclear issues List of climate change books List of environmental books List of environmental economics journals List of environmental journals List of environmental law reviews and journals List of environmental periodicals List of environmental reports List of environmental social science journals List of environmental websites List of forestry journals List of planning journals List of songs about the environment.

See also: Category:Lists of biota by conservation status. Glossary of climate change Glossary of ecology Glossary of environmental science Glossary of wildfire terms. Index of biodiversity articles Index of climate change articles Index of conservation articles Index of Earth science articles Index of energy articles Index of fishing articles Index of forestry articles Index of genetic engineering articles Index of meteorology articles Index of pesticide articles Index of plate tectonics articles Index of radiation articles Index of recycling articles Index of solar energy articles Index of sustainability articles Index of urban planning articles Index of urban studies articles Index of environmental articles Index of waste management articles.

Outline of ecology Outline of energy Outline of environmental journalism Outline of fishing Outline of forestry Outline of geoengineering Outline of mining Outline of nuclear technology Outline of water Outline of watersheds. Table of biofuel crop yields Table of historic and prehistoric climate indicators Tables of European biogas utilisation. Environment portal Ecology portal Earth sciences portal Renewable energy portal.

List of environmental issues

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22 Inventions That Are Saving The Earth - The Ultimate List

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Human impact on the climate Issues Environmentalism Environmental studies.

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This article includes a list of lists.Environmental issues are issues related to human impact on the living environment, habitats, land use and natural resources.

The following alphabetical list shows some of the main known environmental issues by major topic title. Please help us expand this list. Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection! Antispam by CleanTalk.

Acidification includes algal bloom, coral reef loss, etc. Air quality air pollution, ozone pollution, ties to human health with asthma, diesel emissions, etc. Biodiversity conservation of biological diversity Climate change encompasses "global warming", greenhouse effect, loss of glaciers, climate refugees, climate justice, equity, etc Conservation nature and animal conservation, etc.

Consumerism linking the state of consumers within the economy to environmental degradation and social malaise, planned obsolescence Deforestation illegal logging, impact of fires, rapid pace of destruction, etc. Energy use, conservation, extraction of resources to create energy, efficient use, renewable energy, etc.

Environmental degradation Environmental health poor environmental quality causing poor health in human beings, bio-accumulation, poisoning Environmental impact assessment one major current form of assessing human impact on the environment Food safety including food justice, impacts of additives, etc.

Genetic engineering or modification includes GMOs Global environmental issues in recognition that environmental issues cross borders Global Warming Grassroots solutions local and regional environmental issues solved from the bottom-up Habitat loss destruction, fragmentation, changed use Intergenerational equity recognition that future generations deserve a healthy environment Intensive farming Invasive species weeds, pests, feral animals, etc.

Nuclear power, waste and pollution Over-exploitation of natural resources plant and animal stocks, mineral resources miningetc. Reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse ways to reduce impact, minimise footprint, etc.

Soil conservation includes soil erosion, contamination and salination of land, especially fertile land; see also desertification and deforestation Sustainability finding ways to live more sustainably on the planet, lessening human footprint, increasing human fulfillment with less impact see also sustainable development and poverty alleviation Toxic chemicals persistent organic pollutants, prior informed consent, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, etc.

Waste landfills, recycling, incineration, various types of waste produced from human endeavors, etc. Water pollution fresh water and ocean pollution, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, river and lake pollution, riparian issues Water scarcity Whaling a specific issue due to its worldwide nature, treaties and persistent campaigns to prevent it; other cetaceans also impacted.

Categories : Environment Lists Lists of environmental topics. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Collaborators Permaculture forums. Page was last modified3 October Without a doubt the biggest issue facing the environment is over population of humans.

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All other major environmental issues flow from the very fact that we are over populating the planet. The worlds population has tripled in the last 60 years placing stress on every aspect of the environment. More land is developed every day to accommodate the urban spread. In the population stood at 2, compared to which it now stands at over 7, That is staggering when you think about it. That figure is increasing even as we speak! The most controversial and political of the top 10 environmental issues.

In other words, it is too late to undo the damage that climate change has done to the environment. At this stage the best we can do is regulate the further impact upon the environment by developing more environmentally friendly methods of energy production by reducing the mining and burning of fossil fuels. The loss of biodiversity on the planet can be directly related to the behaviours of human beings.

Humans have destroyed and continue to destroy the habitats of species on a daily basis. When we exterminate one specie s, it has a knock on effect in the food chain which in turn upsets the Eco-systems inter dependent on one another. The catastrophic impact of loss of biodiversity is likely to affect the planet for millions of years to come. Although the effect of human activities on the carbon cycle is better known, the lesser known effect on the cycle of Nitrogen actually has a greater impact on the environment.

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Every year, humans convert an estimated million tons of nitrogen from the atmosphere into reactive forms such as nitrates, mainly in the production of nitrogen-based fertilizer for crops and in the use of food additives. Many experts believe that in the near future water will become a commodity just like Gold and Oil. Some experts say that wars will be fought over who owns the water supply. Currently, one third of humans have inadequate access to clean, fresh water.

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list of environment topics

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list of environment topics

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