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His epithet is Jack the Drought. His bounty is worth 1, berries. But he is considered to be the weakest by King and Queen. Jack is also a Giant Grouper Fishman. He was voiced by Kenji Nomura. According to his subordinates, Jack has been known to hold a temper.

When he first appeared, he was shown to be very confident of his powers to take on a powerful fleet that included a former fleet admiral, an admiral, and other powerful men in order to rescue Donquixote Doflamingo. From Wanda's flashback, Jack was shown to be destructive, ruthless and cruel as he destroyed portions of Zou and injured people both young and old while showing no remorse whatsoever. Similarly to Kaido, he is unwilling to negotiate with anyone and is willing to do anything forcefully on his own terms.

He went as far declaring if Raizo was not on the island it was the Mink Tribe's fault, something that caused Inuarashi to consider senseless. Jack outright stated his love of destruction to the Minks which he showed by leaving their once large, beautiful city in devastation. He showed a sadistic side by poisoning the Mink Tribe and attacking them when they were too weak to fight back. He even went as far as to torture the strongest of the Minks in an attempt to look for Raizo, his brutal interrogation led to the leaders of Zou losing a limb of theirs.

After his return to Zou, Jack tried to bring down the elephant the Minks lived on in an attempt to wipe them out for good, even listing the brutal ways he could kill it.

King (One Piece)

However, his attack failed when Zunisha at the orders of Momonosuke retaliated against him and his fleet. Despite his fearless attitude, Jack was shown capable of experiencing great fear as he remained frozen in place while his crew was running for their lives when Zunisha swung its trunk at him. He was also fearful of his captain Kaidowhen the latter spoke to him in dragon form.

Jack even displayed a submissive attitude to his fellow Disasters when they verbally berated him. Despite of his ruthless attitude, Jack shown respects to his fellow disasters, King and Queen as he addressed them as "Big Brothers" despite they've scolded him about his failure of rescuing Doflamingo and the situation on Kuri. As All-Star who are Kaido 's three right hand men, Jack has the authority over low ranking subordinates. His 1 billion bounty is prove to be a dangerous threat to the World Government 's operations.

Jack has tremendous strength and endurance. However, His fellow All-Stars considered Jack to be the weakest. It allows Jack to become a hybrid or full mammoth. Jack can level buildings with a single swing of his trunk.

However, Jack's attacks will be heavy and slow and unable to hit any enemies with high speed. At some point, Jack became the ruler of the Kuri region in Wano Country.

Luffy on screen. His men commented on how Jack would not be happy to hear about what had happened. A couple of days later, Jack appeared on Zou looking for Raizo. He was confronted by the Minks who resided on Zou.

The Minks calmly told Jack and his crew that they did not know the whereabouts of Raizo and that they can talk about the situation. Jack refused to talk to the residents and vehemently demanded Raizo. Since Jack did not want to partake in any negotiations, the Minks decided to fight Jack and his crew in a battle that lasted for about five days.

one piece king bounty

The Minks held an advantage over Jack's crew until Jack decided to release Caesar's poison gas to cripple his targets. He began to torture the Minks to ask for the whereabouts of Raizo. When he heard about Doflamingo's defeat by the hands of Luffy, he decided to leave the island immediately to rescue Doflamingo.

He left behind some of his crew members to keep an eye on the Minks of the island. Unbeknownst to Jack, Sheepshead was defeated by the Straw Hat pirates and the remaining crew retreated.In the anime-world, there are some anime series that becomes your part daily routine. That includes some major anime series like- Naruto or Dragon Ball series.

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But there is one more anime series that are conquering the anime community since One Piece is a manga by Eiichiro Oda, a famous mangaka from Japan. So, in this post, we are going to put. This is the story of Monkey D. Luffy, who wants to become the King of the Pirates.

His crew consists of Zoro, a genius swordsman who wants to be the strongest swordsman in the world, Nami, who is Navigator, and her goals are to make the map of the entire seas. Sanji is a chef who wants to find a place called All Blue, Usopp, an expert marksman who wants to become a brave warrior of the seas. Robin, an archaeologist who wants to know the truth about the void century. Chopper, a doctor who wants to find a cure for all the illnesses in the world.

Last but not least is Brook, a musician whose goal is to fulfill the promises that he made to his friend. On the other hand, the name was deliberately changed because of the copyright issue. There is no doubt One Piece series is full of tragic deaths. As we all know that Kishimoto and Eiichiro Oda are two great manga artists. Eiichiro Oda and Masashi Kishimoto. So, Zoro or Zolo Roronoa was named after this pirate. Oda was a huge fan of Akira Toriyama and his work.

Besides this, Luffy is similar to Goku in many ways. Like, both have black and pointy hairs, and both eat too much. InOda stated that One Piece series is planned and scheduled to end within five years. However, after seeing the popularity of this series, Oda keeps bringing new characters, battles, and arcs. InOne Piece Holds the Guinness World Record of selling most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author. According to our sources, One Piece had soldunits between December to December According to One Piece Manga, it was revealed that Big Mom ate her family that includes her adopted mom.

This is how Big Mom got the ability of the Devil Fruit that possessed by her adopted mother. It was already revealed by the Japan Olympic Committee that iconic characters from anime series are going to be the Ambassador of the Tokyo Olympics.

Even the advertising promo of the Tokyo Olympics was created in the form of anime. During the crossover, Luffy was appeared riding the Flying Nimbus of Goku.

As we all know that a person with a pure heart can travel the flying nimbus. So, it means that Luffy has a pure heart. Do let us know your favorite fact in the comment section below.

Have an interesting fact for us? You can comment it down. Moreover, you can use our Social Media Accounts for all Pop culture news. Follow us on Instagram: OtakuKart Network. And, do like our Facebook page OtakuKartas well.A bounty is a government-issued reward placed on an individual and awarded to whoever can apprehend or kill that person.

Normally, a bounty is issued by a government official or by the Marines. The idea is to tempt others into aiding the capture of the criminal so they can be brought to justice quickly. Bounty Hunters make careers trying to find and capture these wanted people. The amount of a bounty is determined in response to the perceived threat level of the criminal in question; the greater the threat to the world, the greater the bounty.

one piece king bounty

In the eyes of a pirate, high bounties are thus usually seen as a sign of strength. After all, having been assigned a bounty means that the World Government as well as the Marines acknowledge the threat of the person to whom it is assigned. Luffy expresses enthusiasm over his first bounty, and Sanji likewise expresses disappointment when his own bounty poster fails to properly identify him being a crude artist's rendering.

This is not universal, however; Kuro and Nami resented their bounty due to the unwanted attention it brought them. A bounty in excess ofindicates that the person to whom it was assigned has committed unlawful acts of catastrophic degrees.

Earning a large bounty in a quick time also gives the pirate notorious attention and a global reputation. After earning a bounty of 80, in a single campaign, the World Government offered Boa Hancock a position in the Shichibukai. Blackbeard believed he could become a Shichibukai member if he defeated Monkey D. Luffywhose bounty had jumped from 30, tofollowing the defeat of Baroque Works and their leader Crocodile. Blackbeard would settle for achieving his goal by turning in Portgas D.

Ace instead since Ace had caught up with him and Blackbeard emerged victorious. A bounty reflects both the threat and power of an individual. In particular, direct opposition to the World Government, no matter the reason, is treated as a serious offense, and bounties are issued accordingly. Occasionally, a designated amount on a bounty may increase if the criminal in question has committed crimes of considerable magnitude that goes beyond the crime s committed beforehand that earned them their initial bounty, as with the case of Luffy.

Since the Marines can only issue bounties based on their knowledge of the criminal in question, a bounty may not necessarily reflect the true threat of a person. Tony Tony Chopper was mistaken for a mere pet and issued a mere 50, as the Marines were unaware he was responsible for defeating Kumadori of CP9.

Regardless of the discrepancies, bounties are still treated as a way to determine a person's average threat level, being the one facet of society that can be easily compared. Stacking them against averages helps determine threats in relation to location; for example, the average bounty in the East Blue is 3, so a noteworthy one there would be 10, or more. However, the four 'cardinal direction ' seas pale in comparison to the Grand Line up to Mary Geoisewhere an exceptional bounty is around , and is considered nothing in the New World or the second half of the Grand Linewhereis common or weak.

He assumed this of Luffy, whose goofy portrait failed to match hisbounty, but learned the hard way that Luffy was on the level.

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Any bounty that goes to 1, or over is considered monstrous, even in the New World. While the details of how high a bounty could be are not exactly known, the greatest amount revealed in the first half of the story was that of thebounty of Portgas D.

Ace before his death, who was one of the most notorious pirates of the New Worldthe 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Piratesand most notably the son of the infamous Pirate KingGol D. Roger himself.

The current highest active bounty is that of Yonko Kaido with a bounty of 4, While a pirate with a bounty ofis still considered a rookie, once a pirate exceeds that value it is difficult to get any higher, [10] and it seems thatis enough to be considered an elite pirate. After Jinbe resigned, his bounty jumped to overFollowing the Shichibukai's system completely abolished, the remaining ones' frozen bounties has reactivated as they were all revoked and became wanted criminals as well as the enemies of the World Government once again.

Bounties, once issued, are usually only retracted when the criminal is captured, killed, or is known to have otherwise died.The One Piece manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Eiichiro Oda. The series takes place in a fictional universe where vast numbers of pirates, soldiers, revolutionaries, and other adventurers fight each other, using various superhuman and supernatural abilities.

The majority of the characters are human, but the cast also includes giantsmermen and mermaidsfish-men [a]sky people, and minks, among others. Many of the characters possess supernatural abilities gained by eating so-called "Devil Fruits". The series' storyline follows the adventures of a group of pirates as they search for the "One Piece" treasure. Monkey D.

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Luffy is the series' main protagonist, a young pirate who wishes to succeed Gol D. Rogerthe deceased King of the Pirates, by finding his treasure, the "One Piece". Throughout the series, Luffy gathers himself a diverse crew, named the Straw Hat Piratesincluding: the three-sword-wielding Roronoa Zoro ; the thief and navigator Nami ; the cowardly marksman and inventor Usopp ; the cook and martial artist Vinsmoke Sanji ; the anthropomorphic reindeer and doctor Tony Tony Chopper ; the archaeologist Nico Robin ; the cyborg shipwright Franky ; the living skeleton musician Brook ; and the fish-man helmsman Jimbei.

Together they sail the seas in pursuit of their dreams, encountering other pirates, bounty hunters, criminal organizations, revolutionaries, secret agents and soldiers of the corrupt World Governmentand various other friends and foes.

Frank N. Furter and Norio Imamura. Norio had asked Oda to draw more okama homosexual characters and became Ivankov's first voice actor. Oda had created Helmeppo before he created Captain Morgan, Helmeppo's father. He created several versions of Morgan before settling on the final design. After an editor told him that Morgan, in Oda's words, "looked lame", he changed the design to its final style.

The crew's number increases throughout the series, as Luffy recruits new members. Once Usopp joins the Straw Hat Pirates, they gain their own ship, the Going Merrywhich is later destroyed and replaced by a larger and more powerful vessel, the Thousand Sunny created by their shipwright Franky.

Two years later, the Straw Hats gain a new fleet, called the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, consisting of 5, pirates from seven different crews; Luffy objects to the idea of being a fleet commander, and organizes his new army in a way that they may act independently, but when one crew is in trouble, the others must do what they can to help them. At age seven, he admires and tries to join the pirates of the "Red Haired" Shanks. His reckless efforts ultimately lead him into grave peril causing Shanks to lose an arm while rescuing him.

After this, Luffy gives up on joining Shanks, resolving instead to start a crew of his own and become King of the Pirates. During Luffy's time there, he becomes a sworn brother with Garp's other ward Aceand local runaway noble Sabo. Eventually, he comes into conflict with Helmeppo.

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To prevent the harm of innocent civilians, Zoro allows himself to be incarcerated temporarily, while Helmeppo plots to have him killed. Zoro is saved from execution by Luffy in exchange for becoming his first crewman. At that point, Zoro makes it clear that he would turn on his captain if he ever stepped between him and his dream. In the anime television series, his voice actor is Kazuya Nakai. Striking a deal with him, Nami, still a child, but already an accomplished cartographer who dreams of drawing a complete map of the world, joins the pirates, hoping to buy freedom for her village eventually.

Growing up as a pirate-hating pirate drawing maps for Arlong and stealing treasure from other pirates, Nami becomes an excellent burglar, pickpocket, and navigator with an exceptional ability to forecast weather. Even after his mother dies, Usopp does not blame his father for leaving. Despite his cowardly disposition, he strives to become a great pirate himself. Usopp is recognizable for his long nose, a reference to the fact that he tends to lie a lot.

Concerning his ethnic appearance in a real world context, Oda stated that Usopp was " African ", though he neglected to specify of which exactly. In the anime series, his voice actor is Kappei Yamaguchi.By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook.

One Piece often finds that money is a thing of little object, and it might have to do with its bounties. Over the years, the series has revealed some truly insane bounties for its top-tier pirates, and it turns out another has been welcomed to the fold. Not long ago, fans were given insight into how much Queen would sell for. If a pirate could bring in Queen to the Marines, they would gain well over a billion belly As fans know, this bounty is considered monstrous even in the New World.

The massive pirate is known as one of the Beast Pirates three Disasters, and his bounty proves how dangerous the Marines view the man. Of course, Queen is not the most sought-after member of the Beasts Pirates. Fans are not sure how much Kaido is worth, but the captain has another subordinate with a billion-belly bounty. According to reports, Blackbeard has the highest active bounty to date, and it comes in at a staggering 2, belly. So, are you surprised by how much money Queen is worth?

Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime! It has since been collected into over 80 volumes, and has been a critical and commercial success worldwide with many of the volumes breaking printing records in Japan.

The manga has even set a Guinness World Record for the most copies published for the same comic book by a single author, and is the best-selling manga series worldwide with over million copies sold. The series still ranked number one in manga sales inwhich surprised fans of major new entries. Check it out by clicking here or listen below.

In this latest episode, we talk about the new Toy Story 4 trailer, we're breaking down James Gunn's return to Marvel Studios and more! Make sure to subscribe now and never miss an episode! Remember me on this device Login. Register - Forgot Password. Popular Arrow. Movies Arrow. TV Arrow. Gaming Arrow. Community Arrow. Search Search Close Search.It also adapted into an anime series. The series gained massive popularity, both in Japan and overseas. One Piece also reach other media such as movies, video games, merchandise and planned live-action TV series.

The plot series centered on a pirate world where pirate around the world will travel to the ocean zone called Grand Line to find One Piece, the greatest treasure in the world who previously owned by Gol D.

Roger, the Pirate King. Each pirate is declared as criminal and have bounty. Bounty is given to pirate or other outlaw. Government or marine also issue a bounty to whoever considered as a threat.

The amount of a bounty is determined in response to the perceived threat level of the criminal in question. Pirate with high bounties will got more attention from the world, thus make him more famous. Many pirates happy with high bounty they received, although in not all case. Bounty can be identified with a wanted poster. These poster are distributed across the world in newspaper and establishments.

one piece king bounty

Marines also keep copies of each criminal at their bases and on board their ships for quick identification. In the series, many bounty still not revealed. Dragon, Kaido or Blackbeard. Before timeskip, Portgas D. Ace have the highest bounty known in the seriesberi before his death.

The current highest active bounty is that of Monkey D. Luffy with a bounty of 1, beri.

Bounties System

Who has the highest bounty in One Piece? Here are current top 25 highest bounty known in One Piece series to date updated. Our main character currently hold status as the highest bounty known in One Piece. Luffy bounty currently is 1, beri. This number rise three times from his previous bounty.

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The increase of Luffy bounty in recent times is very rapid as we can see below. Poor Katakuri, after he defeated by Luffy, his bounty is raced by Luffy.

Katakuri still have second highest bounty known, with 1, beri. He is the first character known to reached 1 billion bounty. He also has ties with the Underworld. She also the only Sweet Commander to not be defeated by a Supernova up to date Cracker and Katakuri defeated by Luffy, previously Snack defeated by Urouge.

Charlotter Cracker is one of Three Sweet Commanders. His bounty isberi.The season began broadcasting in Japan on Fuji Television on July 7, Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates. The main story arc, called "Wano Country", adapts material from the rest of the 90th volume onwards. It deals with the alliance between the pirates, samurai, and minks to liberate Wano Country from the shogun, who has allied with the Beast Pirates led by Kaido.

Episodes and contain an original story arc, "Carbonic Acid King" which ties into the movie One Piece: Stampede. Episode is an adaptation of Oda's one-shot manga Romance Dawnwhich features "the story of a Luffy slightly different from the one in One Piece". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Amazon JP. Retrieved 18 October Retrieved 8 November Retrieved 11 December Retrieved 10 January Retrieved 10 February Retrieved 30 March Retrieved 20 December One Piece by Eiichiro Oda.

Volumes Chapters 1— — — — —current. First list Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Second list 9 10 11 12 13 14 Third list 15 16 17 18 19 Become The Pirate King!

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Grand Battle! Set Sail Pirate Crew! Battle Stadium D. Monkey D.

one piece king bounty

Luffy Roronoa Zoro Nami. Category Book. Categories : Japanese television seasons Japanese television seasons One Piece seasons.