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These are a brand new shoe from Scott and as well as looking pretty bling, they have a lot to offer anyone looking for a shoe that will go all day and not leave your feet feeling pounded at the end of it.

Of course there are plenty of other great shoes out there, I have used and ran in pretty much anything going and it really is horses for courses as far as shoes, I had a favourite shoe 3 years ago and didnt think anything would ever be better, then guess what?

I tried something new and it was even better, shoes keep evolving technology improves and we also change. Since then I have used them for every day road and trail training, from 5k park runs to mountain ultra races such as the Transvulcania and also the Lakeland They are a very versatile shoe and which seemed to last well and feel great on all sorts of terrain. So where on earth does this leave the Ultra version? Maybe worth explaining the difference between the two a little but before, the original RC shoe was primarily designed as a high performance race shoe, lightweight and relatively low drop, 5mm robust and very good fitting, for my feet anyway awesome grip on a wide mix of surfaces and also when being dragged down hills by our very excitable dog.

It is a great race shoe and really lets you get your teeth into the trail. As much as the Kinabalu is such a comfy shoe, there is a bit of a weight penalty especially when wet — again a great training shoe but not quite high performance. So along comes the Supertrac RC, with a very similar design and tread pattern as the STRC but extra high and cushioned, plus using some very high tech material on the uppers. It seems to tick the boxes needed for some longer days in rough terrain and also keeps the weight down especially when wet.

With a 7mm deep lug they offer plenty of grip and also use a rather cool looking diamond pattern in the sole bed to help shed mud and sheep poo. The lugs are also specifically laid out to offer good stability on hard ground as well as in the soft and loose dirt or mud. The uppers use a special Schoeller Dynamic fabric, which is basically water resistant, breathable and hard wearing, then supported with a for extra protection. Plenty of testing and development work went into these between athletes and designers with comfort being one of the key factors.

We were lucky enough to have some time in the Alps over the summer so I managed to get plenty of time in them out there, as well as back in the UK on the moors and trails so have had a good variety of terrain and conditions to put them through their paces. However, after a couple of runs they seemed to ease off a little and I got the lacing about how I wanted it. The extra cushioning was certainly apparent and I found that being out for a few hours in rocky rough Alpine terrain left my feet feeling pretty good.

The extra heel to toe drop was a bit noticeable at first these are 8mm but I am fairly well attuned to any changes in this. A few long days out and I started to get into the shoe more. The feel is obviously going to be different to a lower drop less cushioned shoe, not so much in a unstable way to be honest but almost like I could be a little more careless about where I was putting my feet.

The Ultras seemed to take everything in their stride a bit more and I could plough across and through things I may have previously been a little more conscious about. A bit like putting a fatter tyre or suspension on your bike, you just get away with things a bit more. Grip wise they wear very solid and dig into everything I have thrown at them so far. Not a mud specific shoe they still hold their own on wet slippy and boggy surfaces, though obviously not as much as a deep lugged specific tread in the grand scheme of things there isnt a great deal in it, especially when you consider the trade off and the fact they transition well into rocks, hard packed trail and if you are unlucky enough to end up on the stuff even tarmac!

The fancy fabric works really well, keeping the water out while running through wet mud and puddles. When I have had the opportunity to get them in deeper ankle to shin deep water and fully saturated I have been really pleased to see how quickly they drained, rather than retaining water and becoming a pair of heavy wet sponges and they soon return to a reasonable state on non squalchyness, so perfect for the long days I have planned out on the Pennine way through the winter.

Overall for me personally they absolutely have a place in my running; the solid grip and sturdy construction means they should keep on giving for a while yet, having done a good hours or so in them so far they barely look used or worn anywhere so I expect them to last a while longer yet.

I think if I was doing the LL or any other race over miles I would go for these for sure and all being well will be my first choice on the Spine race come January plus the long days out planned in the build up. Scott Supertrac Ultra RC review.The Supertrac RC has a seamless one-piece upper, which provides an irritation-free run and prevents the shoe from wearing down over time. With welded overlays that provide structure and durability, the upper has a slightly thicker mesh than comparable trainers, but while this compromises its breathability it aids in keeping the foot chamber debris-free.

The tongue of the Supertrack RC is thin and conforms to the shape of the foot to provide a secure fit. Its lacing system distributes tension evenly across the foot so no area feels high compression from stress concentration. This relatively hard feel works well with the rocker construction of the shoe, however, as this shape encourages a natural stride. This arrangement radiates from the ball of the fit outwards, which makes sense because when a runner is going up or down a trail, the ball of the foot is making the greatest impact on foot stability when it makes contact with the ground.

The lugs are multi-directional in an arrangement, which is much different from most running shoes whose lugs are only arranged in one direction. This placement allows for freedom of foot placement and to maintain foot stability, which is critical when negotiating steep slopes.

This wet rubber outsole performs in races on traditional running surfaces and on trails where dirt, mud, and rock are to be traversed. With its seamless one-piece upper, the Supertrac RC is built to last. However, the upper is also made with a thicker mesh than many other trainers, which tends to cut down on its breathability.

However, what is lost in breathability is gained in overall protection, which trail runners will appreciate—particularly depending on how extreme their outdoor running trails are. With a firm but comfortable Aerofoam midsole that provides cushioning without being too plush, and a mesh one-piece, seamless, bonded upper that reduces the risk of irritation one a run, the Supertrac RC aims to be as comfortable as it is able on off-road runs.

Its secure heel cup keeps the heel firmly in place while its toe box allows for long, comfortable runs. The welded overlays provide great support while also securing the midfoot firmly without a feeling of restriction, and the overall design of the RC is low cut enough for dynamic movement. The Supertrac RC looks every bit the serious trail running shoe that it is: with a black upper and bright neon yellow outsole and highlighted overlays, the RC is paradoxically flashy without being garish.

The neon yellow provides high visibility in low-light situations while the black upper is a subdued contrast to the more colorful elements.

Low cut and sleek, on the trail runners will appreciate its high visibility outsole while its dark upper cleverly hides dirt and debris after a long run. With welded overlays that provide structure and protection, the upper unit keeps its integrity even after many, many hard-charging adventures on the trail. While it may not be the most well-ventilated shoe, the Supertrac RC will last a long time without wearing down against the elements it confronts in the great outdoors.

The thick, durable wet rubber outsole—covered in lugs—protects the foot well against the unpredictable terrain and materials that runners encounter when out on the trail. Similarly, its heavy mesh upper also provides a debris-free experience, while its rubber toe bumper protects toes from impact injuries. Thanks to a thinner midsole in the forefoot and an overall comfortable but firm midsole, runners wearing the Sueprtrac RC will feel the responsiveness of this design, which provides superior surface control.

Built for neutral runners with moderate arch support, the Supertrac RC is not specifically a support shoe, instead built with nominal support. Made to tackle the great outdoors with ferocity, the Supertrac RC can tackle the most extreme terrain runners can find outside: sharp inclines, rocks, mud, and dirt. Similarly, the RC performs spectacularly on traditional running surfaces and is also meant for long-distance running.

Although on first glance it could be considered a somewhat expensive trainer, the Scott Supertrac RC could be considered moderately priced for a trainer of its class and caliber.

Particularly for such a versatile and tenacious trail runner, this is an investment that will pay off thanks to its long-lasting, durable construction. Well-balanced between its tenacious outsole and the firm but comfortable midsole, and boasting of a 5mm drop, runners who suffer from slight overpronation will find the Supertrac RC a stable shoe to run in.

However, it is not specifically a stability shoe. One of the great highlights of the Supertrac RC is its excellent traction. And since the lugs are made from durable wet rubber, their traction will not be compromised even after heavy use. Scott has only been in the racing shoe business for less than a decade but with the Supertrac RC, they may have already struck upon a standout shoe design.

Its combination of superior grip and traction, sleek design, firm but comfortable cushioning, and seamless upper makes this a trail runner that can stand up to the most extreme and challenging trails. Although the midsole may seem a little stiff to some runners, this will serve runners on the trail and in races well with its supreme responsiveness. Although some runners may find the rocker construction that promotes natural stride slightly constricting, overall this feature helps transitions and is yet another element that allows for a smooth ride.

For runners that are serious about hitting the trail and needing as much dynamic traction possible to negotiate the rough and tumble terrain that goes with running through nature, or for long-distance runners looking for traction that will give them the upper hand in races and a trainer that will continue to perform mile after mile, there are few as tenacious or dynamic as the Scott Supertrac RC.

See best prices on Amazon.I first tested this shoe on a recce of the first half of the Lakes Sky Ultra course where the performance blew me away. I knew it was the shoe I would use for the Skyrunner UK series. Flppin heck scottsports what a bloody shoe these supertrac rc's are! Light, comfortable, grippy, responsive and they look awesome Scott scottsports scott2luvit blackandyellow supertrac rc lovethelakes helvellyn lakedistrict lakes mountains fellrunning trailrunning mountainrunning climbanymountain.

Since I first bought them they have been thoroughly tested in the environment they were intended. Every type of underfoot condition has been encountered from wet rocks on knife edge ridges to deep bogs and forest fire roads to technical grade 3 scrambles with everything in between.

With a 5mm drop, the shoe allows for an efficient mid to forefoot strike and makes them more stable than other Scott shoes which feature a more standard 8mm drop. The tread is designed for running on trails where rock, whether it be wet or dry, is in abundance. When the going gets really muddy then the shoe does get out of its depth slightly but then again what shoe does work well in these types of conditions?

Featuring a seamless upper the RC is designed to help prevent blisters from stitching that is common with other makes of shoe. A well protected toe box with a rubber bumper on the front really helps to protect your foot from whatever the mountain can throw at you. There have been no issues so far with this lifting so a minor point. There is adequate padding on the heel of these shoes that helps keep your foot in position.

I was a little disappointed in the lack of the usual lace locker that I love from other Scott shoes. They are a firm shoe but not overly firm.

It feels like Scott got the balance pretty much bang on here, especially for someone like me who prefers their shoes to be on the firm side. I certainly had no issues with blisters or hot spots even after miles of bog trotting and subsequent miles with wet feet. Scott makes no bones about the work that has gone into the sole unit of these shoes.

For me, in the right conditions, these shoes take some beating. The grip is phenomenal and combined with the eRide system they really do help to push you onwards over difficult terrain. My main concern with the sole unit is durability as the lugs. They are very soft and mine are already showing signs of substantial wear.

This would also help when the going get muddy as they studs would bite into the softer terrain better. The introduction of a unique outsole offering multi-directional traction adds confidence when the trail twists and turns meaning no loss of traction when you need it most. A light weight supportive upper completes this race specific produce for the harshest of terrains. Ideal for Skyrunning races. Your email address will not be published. The Breakdown. Scott has created a pure thoroughbred race shoe in the Supertrac RC.

They aren't a shoe that you can expect to get many miles out of but I don't think that's the point of this shoe. They are an all-out mountain race shoe and in these conditions when you push them to the limits you will be rewarded with a fast, agile and responsive shoe that just wants to go fast.

Overall — 8. Cons Not the most durable of shoes Can get a bit overfaced if the conditions are too wet. Sign up for Newsletter Enjoy trail, mountain and ultra running inspiration and advice straight to your inbox. Email address. About the author.

Scott Supertrac RC Review

Related Posts. Scott T2 Kinabalu 3. Suggested Posts.This is a tough balance to strike, which is why this shoe has been in testing for over a year. The first thing you notice about the shoe is that there is very little stitching on the upper. It is almost all bonded. This makes the upper lighter and more flexible than stitched uppers.

It also means that there are no stitch lines in awkward places that could rub when you have been running a long time and your feet have warmed up and expanded. The other real plus point is that the toe bumper comes a long way back. So, for those customers who push their toes through the top of the uppers of their running shoes, the Scott Supertrac RC is a contender for you. The moulded tongue is also very comfortable. Fit wise the Supertrac RC is slightly broader in the midfoot and the toes than the Kinabalu Supertrac.

For me this was a more comfortable fit. My first run in the shoes was along the river bank from Shotley Bridge to Allensford. The Supertrac RC felt comfortable from the off and gripped well along the muddy, greasy river bank. I could really feel the Scott Eride on this section. This is designed to keep your cadence quick and maintain good posture. The Eride is what makes them feel lighter. Up until now Scott have used carbon fibre in the midsole of their shoes to maintain this curve.

This makes the midsole more flexible which gives you a better feel for the ground. After the section on the disused railway line I descended down to the river over tussocky grass, on part of the Saltwell Harriers Fell Race route.

SCOTT Supertrac 2.0 Shoe

The shoe becomes more flexible over time feeling stiff at first and is now great on this type of terrain. I was very tentative crossing the river as lots of trail shoes that are billed as grippy on wet rock slip on the wet stones in the river. The terrain then changes to a big track made up of tennis ball sized stones. Fell shoes often have a thin midsole, which gives you a nice feel for the ground but, on terrain like this you feel every stone.

It was very comfortable on this stone-heavy terrain. From here my route went over some thin sheep tracks over the moor, muddy paths and a short section of road. The Supertrac RC coped with all this change in terrain with ease. You often find that heavily studded shoes slide on tarmac and you feel like you are running on stilts. The steps that have been put in to reduce erosion are very slippy when they are wet.All Terrain Traction creates traction in deep mud and technical terrain. Ideal for ultra marathons.

The strategic lug configuration creates superior forward and breaking traction in deep mud as well as dry technical terrain which is the variety of terrains one will encounter in a mountain mile race. Strategically orientated chevrons all around the forefoot provide extra stability when the body needs extra support after long hours of racing.

The unique rocker shape creates a stable mid-stance, promoting the faster and more efficient running style that runners strive for. Regardless of running gait, eRide works with the body to promote a more dynamic running position, reducing heel strike impacts and increasing running efficiency. It is durable with dynamic rebound to offer protection while maintaining an efficient stride.

You can compare a maximum of 4 products. You can compare only products that are part of the same category. Compare Products. Its dynamic fit with excellent traction from its All Terrain Traction outsole will allow for exciting and secure runs in the mountains. Range of use Mountain.

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Scott Supertrac RC Review

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